Monday, March 23, 2015

Craft Storage Ideas Planner Blog Hop

Hello to all my regular Blogland readers as well as my special guests today – the ones visiting for the Craft Storage Ideas Planner Blog Hop. Thanks for Hopping along. You should have come from Amanda Corbet’sblog.

We are so excited to share some great ideas for keeping your planner both organized and fun along the way. But first, I want to share some FANTASTIC PRIZES we will be sharing with lucky commenters along the route!

·        TWO winners will receive 50$ Gift Certificates from OrganizeMore to pick out your fave organizer!
·        One winner will receive the following 3 stamp sets from V’s Sweet Ideas:
·        One winner will receive the Scheduled stamp set from The Ton Stamps!
·        One winner will receive a collection of planner stickers from MareBear Crafts on etsy!

To win, simply comment at each stop along the way. You do not have to comment on every stop to win, but it sure increases your chances! Also, we are sorry, but winners must live in the United States, as international shipping is just too pricey.

And now for my Planner Story. Get some coffee and away we hop!!

I’m not new to Planner Planet – I’ve been keeping a planner while at school, university, raising the boys (in those days we called them diaries!) and even now I can't live without it.

I note “to do’s”, events, menus, interesting facts, things that happened, quotes, inspiration and motivation.. My planners are like mini scrapbook journals and I can report back on things that happened 20+ years ago. Here you can see my Planner stash from the past 5 years.

 I have a very, very old Planner cover and my inserts are the cheapest A6 page-a-day that’s available. My motto is not to spend ANY money on Planner goodies and to keep what I use most on my desk neatly filed away.  I use photos, paper scraps, washi, paint, stamps, die cuts, stencils,  Sticky notes, pens and highlighters for my planner pages. Want a peek inside?

Mostly my pages are representative of what is currently on my craft desk / happening in my life and once the year is over, I file my pages away in a handmade, creative cover and a brand new year goes into the Planner cover.

Enough of my planner as I came here today to show you how I keep my planner goodies on hand.  Let me show you the outside of my planner goodie file: 

It’s a very, very old A5 file that I covered with hand dyed scraps left from this project. On the front I have “GENIET” (= ENJOY in English) – that’s my little word for the year and I like to remind myself not to take life so seriously.

Let’s start with my inside cover pages. The front has pens, highlighters,a ruler and a paint brush. The back has a slot for a notebook and inside the front and back covers, I stash some journaling cards, watercolor paper and additional notes and stickers.

 Now we are getting to my Planner stash:


Just bits and bobs from my stash that I love to have on hand. I made the “page protectors” by stitching book cover plastic onto cardstock and punching holes for the binder rings. I’ll put up a post next week to show you exactly “how” to.


Mostly leftovers from my craft desk.


Once again, a handmade “page protector” filled with paperclips from my stash. I love to use them in my planner, on "emergency cards" and in my Planner file.


I have only one set of planner stamps and an alpha set in my Planner File.  I do love the little wooden alpha set that I bought locally and use them A LOT as I despise my own handwriting! They are kept in a small plastic zipper bag that I recycled from somewhere. The original alpha set came in a little wooden box but I opted for a gift card tin as it's much slimmer and fits into the zipper bag with the planner stamp set.


I gathered them from all over – the office, my craft stash and even swopped some with family and friends. Only 20 pages of each variant go into the file - the rest stays where they are. If you add more, the file becomes too bulky.


I love to use Washi and what better way to make “flip-up’s”/ reinforce binder holes / divide pages?? I have an A5 acetate sheet and I just add strips of washi to it. Easy Peasy!!


A mini stencil set in another of the recycled plastic zipper bags.


Wherever I go, my planner and Planner File goes and so does some stationary. I’ve sewn a spine onto a fabric pencil case and it goes into the file with the rest of my Planner goodies. In here are scissors, glue, a ruler, a hole punch (from a Christmas cracker!) and a small stapler. I have a similar bag for paint goodies.  What better than to paint / draw / write a bit when you have time on hand? Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it!!
That’s it – my Planner File for keeping everything that I need and use together, neat and out of the way while at home / traveling. If you have other systems for storing your planner goodies, let me know in the comments and one of you could win a digital set of planner stickers by AlexScissorhands.

As this is a Digital File, my freebie is available to everyone. YES, even you down under are welcome to enter!!

You are welcome to play along on Instagram. Just tag your Planner Pics with #plannerplanet and your storage ideas and solutions with #craftstorageideasblog. We would love to see and hear what you do!!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have fun, get Planning and remember to try something new. Next on the Hop is Jessica Frost-Ballas’s blog.


  1. I am amazed at how much crafty goodness you can carry along with you planner!

  2. Love all the goodies you have with your planner, looks like fun!

  3. That's a lot of goodies you
    are using with your planner!
    How fun. I have a planner
    that I just write some in,
    don't need a planner much,
    but your covers are neat.
    Carla from Utah

  4. Beautiful planners and I like how you organize your planner supplies.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  5. Oh Hazel, leave it to you to make not only the planner fabulous, but the storage of the planner items as well! This is so awesome! Thanks so much for all you do for CSI. We appreciate you! :)

  6. OMG I love everything you posted here!!! It's like stationary heaven :)

  7. I just love all the goodies and supplies you keep in your planner!!! I especially love the way you have the washi to use-fabulous. I have to add more goodies to my planners. Thanks so much for sharing

  8. Hazel, your planner is so very pretty! I really like your colorful supplies!

  9. Wow! I love that your planner is almost an art journal of sorts. I bet getting to add all the fun stickers and coloring really makes it less of a chore and more of something to look forward to. Super cool!

  10. Fun ideas! I love the fabric cover!!!

  11. Wow, you fit soo much in that little space. Love the colorful additions. Thanks for the great link.

  12. OMGosh!!!
    What a F U N, Colorful, & UNIQUE Planner System!!
    THANKS for Sharing!!!

  13. I love how unique your planner is! It's just perfect!

  14. What a fun and pretty system you have! Talk about a great way to keep all your tools and embellishments handy. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!