Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sunday Summary Week 9

Hello Bloglanders

Another week full of creative fun!  I slipcovered a chair!! Actually I did 2 but let's start with the first one:

I used this tutorial and making a pattern was the hardest part. But, if you follow the instructions and pin it inside out, it works very well. It should look like this:

The problem with slipcovers is that once you start washing them, they shrink a bit and it's total hell to get it back on the chair. This time round I made mine with Velcro at the back. Much easier to get the cover on and off. I started out early Saturday morning and by lunchtime the cover was on the chair. 

I'm still working on my Amy Tangerine Handbook and this slipcover idea came from Practice 3. If you are inspired, print it out, pin it where you can see it and get going.  If we have a "stay-at-home-weekend" I'll be doing a project each Saturday. Watch this space and I'll tell you all about it. And my Amy Tangerine inspiration page:

And we extended our family. Since last year we had a wild cat coming into the house at night and eating all sorts of things - mostly sweets!! And now she moved in!! I woke up during the night and there she was, fast asleep in my living room.

Sorry about the quality of the picture but I took it with my iPhone and it was really, really dark. I love cats and as I don't have any of my own, I'm truly blessed that this one chose me.

We went camping over the weekend. My view from "MOTLAPPER":

River Goose Campsite near Bonnievale.

One of the Stellenbosch University buildings burnt down.

It brought back memories from years gone by as I attended the same university and the hostel I lived in actually burnt down during my 1st year. No easy task to be writing exams and tests and having to be in class and studying 24/7 when you don't have anything left. Here is one of my scrapbooks with pics:

At times like these I'm glad that I scrap!

And the cupboards in the master bedroom is finally finished:

I love it!!

That's it from me. Next project is an headboard for my new bedroom. Watch this space and I'll show exactly what I do. Thanks for looking at my blog today. Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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