Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hearty Solar Jar

Happy Thursday Bloglanders

Today I'm sharing my "Hearty Solar Jar":

I've decided to join  this fun challenge:

This week we are focusing on family and friends. I bought a solar jar as a gift and filled it with 50 acrylic hearts to celebrate my best friend's 50th birthday. From now on, every year, I'll add another heart to the collection. To zuss up the gift I added a bow,  tag and die cut. As for my friend, every time she uses the Solar Jar, she will be reminded of how much I love her.

The idea behind my gift is that I've known my friend for 50 years. YES, we were born 4 months apart on adjacent farms in a rural area of Sunny SA.  We grew up playing together 24/7. My sister is 10 years younger than I am and I always joke that I've known Anel for longer than my sibling and therefor we are MUCH closer. Wanna see what we looked like many, many moons ago?

Sorry about the quality of the picture but the photo is 49 years old and stored under not-so-good conditions. I'm the one standing and she is sitting in front. It was taken December 1965.

And another pic:

About 7 years old and this time I'm sitting. Just look at my floral skirt!!! My mum used to make all my clothes. (hers did as well) I would love to know what I did with that skirt on a farm!!!

Let's get back to my Hearty Jar. Here you can get a better idea of the acrylic hearts and the solar jar:

Remember my previous solar jar posts? Hop over and visit them!! 

And a close-up of the tag:

I'll be seeing my oldest friend over the weekend. My Hearty Solar Jar is packed and ready to be delivered. Thanks for looking at my blog. Have a GREAT day and please check back as I'll be sharing the mini book I made for her as well. Of course I made one for myself but that's a story for another day.

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