Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fridge magnets part 2

Hi there Bloglanders

I'm so glad you're back to play.  Today I wanted to show you my mom's album but due to public demand I'm showing you exactly how I made the fridge magnets.  You see, I get bored very easily and normally I try to figure out stuff myself.  (keeps my hands and brain busy)  I drive my friend nuts as I don't use Permalinks on Pinterest because all I'm interested in is the idea. To my family's horror I will add my own twist as well! After yesterday's post I will think twice about it next time I pin something as there are bloglanders out there who want to see more detail.

No problem, I'll make sure that I take more pictures next time I make something and add measurements where needed. (and a Permalink!! - for Sandra)

Those of you who missed yesterday's post click here for the picture of the fridge magnets.
Here is a picture of all the shapes I punched / cut out.  I only used scraps and tools that I already have.

A scalloped circle with a hole for the front, a piece of transparency, another circle out of thick carton and a circle for the backing.

I just glued all the layers together - the scalloped circle, the transparency and the cardboard circle.

Added beads and glued it shut with the solid circle.

I added a piece of self adhesive magnetic strip to the back and glossy accents to the front. The one I did for this tutorial doesn't have the glossy accents as it would have taken too long to dry but I'll be adding it over the weekend.  It does make it look professional.

And here is the new one playing with its mates on my freezer door!

If you need more info, please leave me a comment and I'll get back to you. Thank you for coming to play. 

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  1. Yippee!!! Going to save you a lot of time later...time to play! Can't wait to start playing along. Look forward to seeing you next week... a play date maybe?