Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gratitude made Easy

Hallo Bloglanders

In Sunny SA we don't do things like the rest of the world.  I've already told you that we don't do Halloween but we don't do Thanksgiving either! 

A few years ago I invested in a Gratitude journal from Monika Wright's Etsy shop and I try to record something positive every day.  If I don't get to it - no sweat but since I started, I have developed a habit of seeing the positive in small things around me. I do tend to let silly things get the better of me but if I page through my Gratitude journal, I see the cloud's silver lining again.  Now, this is what I'll be doing towards Gratitude for the two weeks up to Thanksgiving:

I've selected stuff from my stash and will be writing on a journaling card every day.  My system is quite simple - I keep all the blank cards in one container and once they are done, I move them to the second one.  I do this for my December Daily as well. Like this:

I still haven't decided whether this will become a mini book / if I'll incorporate it in a layout or just glue it into my Gratitude journal but as I've started  "My life, My way" on 1 November - either way, it will eventually end up in my album.  I'll be using my "printy dater" as I really don't have the time right now to make tabs or to get my stamping equipment out.

The two containers fit into one another and sits on my desk with finished cards in the bottom one and the unused ones on top ready to be filled out.

Why don't you join me in recording all the positive things in your life?  I'll be back here to share more of my stuff with you. Please come back to play!

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