Sunday, February 17, 2013

And the Last of the Valentines

 Hi there Bloglanders

It's Sunday evening in Sunny South Africa and once again we had a wonderful, summery day.  I always try to plan my week on a Sunday evening and then I can't get to sleep as the anticipation of everything that must get done, is too much.

Except for the TO DO lists, I try to make a list of something I'll do for:
My family
My home / garden
Somebody else
Towards my "career"

Then, when I start a new week's list, I'll page back to the previous Sunday and make in note of what exactly I did towards every category. Some get done, some don't but at least I get to see the progress. So, when I marked down last week's list, I  remembered that I didn't share my Valentine's day gifts to the neighbourhood kids. Remember, I told you I gave 2 variants this year - one with a stamp pad and a stamp and these mini stationary sets:

This is what is inside:

Mini envelopes, mini cards, some labels and little punched out hearts. I've only used scraps left from other projects and my stash of stamps - I just love stamping! At least I get to play with my toys.

There you have it - and back to the week's planning for me. At least now I can mark off something done for somebody else as well.

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Please come back to play as I'll be sharing some more crafting project right here on Play as U Go.

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