Thursday, February 7, 2013

Welcome new baby girl.

Good morning Bloglanders

I'm off to the west coast of Sunny South Africa for a few days as Wynand has business there and I have decided to join him as all the children have their own lives now and it's time that I claim mine back as well.  I just love the west coast - stormy seas and wonderful summer weather all year round.

Before I go - this is what I did this week:

I've made these "Ballerina bags" before but this is my first "pink attempt".  They do look like candyfloss! We have our own business and whenever one of our clients have a baby, we deliver a goodie bag.  This is IT for the baby girls for the rest of the year:

I love giving something handmade.  To this I'll add a soft toy, a gift card and something for the new mum.  I try to give small and useful things like a Kit Kat with a message "take a brake, have a Kit Kat" and for the dad - Red Bull!!! With that sorted, I have to start packing for my few days at the beach.

I hope you have a great week and I'll be posting my "tag effort of the week" over the weekend.  There are 5 layouts on my craft desk as well - we will see what gets done first.

Thanks for coming out to play and please check back!  I love playmates.

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