Tuesday, February 5, 2013

April showers bring spring flowers

Hi there Bloglanders

Time for my art journaling of the week:

APRIL SHOWERS BRING SPRING FLOWERS. I'm not sure if this is for Sunny SA or if it's universal but we get our early winter rains in April (Western Cape where I live) and then we have the most beautiful spring flowers. Especially Namakwaland where I come from, is beautiful during September.  I'll get hold of a picture and put it in my post tomorrow for you to see.

I thought it appropriate as I still miss my son who left last week for university 1000 kilometres away. BUT in the end it is what he wants to do and what I'll have to get used to.  I raised them to be independent - to follow his dreams and even if it's hard now, the spring flowers will make it worth my while.

As I already had everything out, I used the same die cuts and stamps as yesterday (will do tags with them as well, LOVE it!). This time I painted the background with watercolor, stamped all over, added a border and my coloured die cuts. SO easy and I love the result!  I'll be adding some more journaling as I want to capture the moment of my son leaving home - especially the rest of the family making such an effort to ease my "pain". Then it will go into my album.

The colors are perfect for The Play Date Cafe. Look at their inspiration:

I haven't forgotten about the sneak peak of the wedding dress that I've promised BUT it's a bit hectic right now in the office and I really don't have time for the dress. I will catch up in all earnest later today and tomorrow!  I PROMISE, I'll share!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for those of you sending me personal messages when my son left - I'll answer each and every one personally as I really appreciate it.  Please come back to play at Play as U Go as I'll be sharing more crafting fun right here.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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  1. This is so pretty! I love the vibrancy of your colors and the stitching. You have such a great attitude about your son...I hope I do so when it's my turn to let my girlies fly!