Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's day

Hi there Bloglanders

Dinner is in the oven, my glass of Sauvignon Blanc is poured and ready to drink, candles and my red polka dot tablecloth -  Valentine's day it is!

This year I just didn't get down to crafting well in advance and I'm sorry to say but I totally forgot to take pictures of most of my goodies and when I did - it was the iPhone.  I really wonder if I would still own a camera in 10 years time.  I just love the iPhone pictures!

Well, this is what the men in my life received:

I bought "biltong" from my butcher and had it packed in three individual packs - yes!! It came in the craft bags  So, I just added the heart banner and a sentiment.  For my non-South African Bloglanders: "biltong" is dried meat and South African men just love rugby, biltong and a braai (barbecue).  This is how I did it:

I punched little hearts out of scrap paper, glued it onto some twine and wrapped it around my craft bags.  Very easy!  Wernich just called to thank me for his as it was included in his goodie bag which was sent off earlier this week.

I ordered large bunched of red roses for the girlfriends on behalf of the boys - you can never have enough brownie points with children and I want them to bring my grandchildren to visit. (a lot!)

For the neighbourhood children I decided to do glassine envelopes with rubber stamps and mini ink pads.  I did the same for Xmas for some and they loved it so much that I decided to make some for those who missed out last year.  My picture is actually the Xmas batch as I forgot to take one last night before the "postman" did his rounds. Sorry about that.

Once again I stitched it shut and added a paper heart to pretty things up. I actually love to give craft supplies.

That's it from me - I still have to deliver some goodies and dinner will be served in half an hour!  Enjoy your V-DAY. Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back to play.

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