Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pressie time

Hello Bloglanders

I hope you are well.  My metric farewell dress is done (I'll show pics once I have some of my friend's DD wearing it) and boy #2 is flying home from university for the long weekend. I just LOVE to have all my children within shouting distance!

Do you struggle like me with presents for men?? I really do and I think it's because I hate giving unwanted stuff. So I came up with an idea .............................. find out what they like to eat and give a home baked treat.  This one is for a friend's birthday and I made it extra special by adding a voucher for a refill to the packaging.

My husband likes his rusks extra crispy so my friends started calling it Squirrel rusks.  Why not use it?  I cut my friend Andre's name with my Silhouette and added a "print and cut" squirrel to the voucher. Here is a close-up:

For my non South African Bloglanders - it says "valid for 1 refill of Hazel's Squirrel Rusks". To: Andre, Expiry date: 6/2014 and my number to re order. I blocked that out with some digital Washi as I don't want anyone to order my speciality Squirrel rusks - that privilege is reserved for friends with vouchers. 

Here you can see the whole thing:

That's it - my not-so-manly manly gift!! Also, while most of my Bloglanders are eagerly awaiting spring, it's fall down under in Sunny SA - I like that my present reflects the season.

I'm off to do some shopping before boy #2 has to be picked up at the airport.  Can't wait to have him home.

Thanks for looking at my blog today and please come back to play.


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