Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thank you with Easter Decor

Hallo Bloglanders

I hope you are having a happy Wednesday.  I have a few projects on my craft desk but had to do two gifts - one to thank someone and the other to welcome my new neighbours to our street. As I normally try to finish a project before I take on another (and clean up in between), I had a look at what was already out ...................... my WIP Easter décor!!

I've cut bunny shapes with my Silhouette to use for a banner, mobile, place cards and to decorate Easter egg baskets. They are in 4 "pastelly" colours and after rotating my bunny shapes in Silhouette Studio, I could fit 12 onto a single A4 sheet of cardstock. So, I just used some Bunnies to spruce up 2 potted herb plants:

Don't they look happy between all that basil, mint and parsley?  All my bunny shapes came from different sets so I opened them up in Silhouette Studio, deleted the unwanted items and resized all the bunnies. I actually moved one shape over the other and then resized until the heads were roughly the same. Just a tip:  add eyes to the original artwork - you save a lot of hassle.  I printed one set without eyes and it took me half an hour to mark the eyes and punch them with my Crop-o-Dail (IMPERFECT ME likes perfect eyes). Next batch, Silhouette cut the eyes for me. This time round they were perfect - right size, right place, no time wasted marking and punching!

I've used kebab sticks to hold the bunnies. Just split the flat end, insert and you even have a sharp side to "plant" your bunny in the pot. Easy Peasy!

That's it. I'm off to finish some more projects.  Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back to play as I have lots more to share right here.


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