Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bag for high school farewell

Hallo Bloglanders

Today I've made an evening bag for a friend's DD (darling daughter for those of you who missed the new Blogland She is having her high school farewell in a few days and I thought I'd pinch in and make her something special.  Her dress is a "plumish" purple but as I had a piece of black material left from a quilt I made for Girlfriend #2 a while ago, I opted to use what I have.

Actually it will work better as DD can alter it by adding a bow in another color or to remove it altogether in future.  Black is always beautiful.  Here it is:

The material is black satin with velvet scrolls and leaves.  In my picture it looks "greyish" but in real life it's more black.  On the lining I used black and white tartan - just for fun!  The back looks like this:

From start to finish it didn't take me more than 20 minutes (including taking the pic's) and it didn't cost me a thing.  I'm rather proud of my effort and I'm sure my handmade gift will be appreciated.

I see The Play Date Cafe has the same color scheme!  Check it out.  I'm hopping right over there to submit my bag. Want to come?  Just click here. For those of you who don't like hopping, here it is:

Don't you think my bag fits perfectly with their pic?

That's it from me. Please come back to play as I'll be sharing my creative fun right here on Play as U Go.  Have a great day and remember - Play as U Go!


  1. I think your bag is just perfect for the picture! What a stunning creation, truly beautiful! I'm so glad you shared it with us. Thanks for joining in this week's Play Date Cafe Challenge!

  2. Wow, that is so gorgeous! I wish I had your talents! And what a good idea to make the bow removeable/changeable. Thanks for playing along with us at The Play Date Cafe!