Friday, October 5, 2012

Mini lists

Hallo Bloglanders

Just a quickie before the weekend takes off.  We are having wonderful weather here in sunny SA and hubby and me will have a walk in the park and afterwards a braai in our garden.  This weather smells like vacation this time of year.

I want to show you two pages I did for my mini list book.  I think about something I want to do a list about and just do it.  Eg. fave flowers, songs that remind me of something, fave colors, things I've never done, etc. When I start my "My life, My way project" I'll surely include a list every month.  Now here are the lists:

First up: what does "happy ever after" look like? Come on - think and write down your own answer. If you don't  have a mini book either make one / get one or write it in your diary.

And the second one:

This page was done after a prompt from Ali Edwards for the Big Picture, Big Idea festival. It is my list of important stuff that makes me live not only the length of my life but the full width as well.

There you have it!  Over the weekend I'll write a post to explain how I'll be doing "My life, My way".  Please check back to see.  I'm starting on 1 November 2012!  That's me - when I decide something, I start right away.

Enjoy your wonderful weekend!

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