Thursday, October 4, 2012

Layout trends

Hi there Bloglanders

Today I'm sharing a layout I did of a nice weekend away.  This is it:

I know that you don't like my layouts but it's a very important part of my family life to preserve our memories.  I've always been an album maker and not really a scrapbooker. I love to use lots of pictures as my family looks at it and they are not in awe of my embellishments or beautiful papers - only the pictures and the story interest them. Nowadays I actually feel bad to show my creations as most modern layouts only have one picture and lots of other detail.  Don't get me wrong, I love it but it's just not me.

Another thing - I don't like 6x4 pictures!  I prefer biggies or mini's and if they can be square - all the better. And I love journaling - lots of it! After my ordeal with the ink blobs, I'll rather buy background paper - mine just doesn't live up to my expectations and I hate a mess. Once again, I love it but it's not me.

Here is a layout I did of my house. Do you get the idea of "the bigger, the better"?

I love to look at beautiful pictures. Recently a friend got married and she has the most amazing wedding pictures. For myself - I only want a reminder of the memory and sometimes I will only journal and even that works for me. I'm sure you have your own ideas about the subject but my blog is like a piece of my life - here and now and it will be great to see in a few year's time how my ideas have changed.  That's what it's all about - my life, my way.  Remember these 4 words as this will be my concept for documenting my life from now on. You will hear them again!

That's it from me. Please come back to play.  Have a great day!

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