Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Me

Good morning Bloglanders

Halfway through the week already!  On Write Click Scrapbook Teka Cochonneau is doing a series called "Pinterest Inspired Me". Of course hers is more like - "I saw this on Pinterest and it made me do this". BUT I get a different sort of inspiration when looking at all the ideas on Pinterest.  I think this is the whole idea - there are no right or wrong - if you get inspired, you get inspired. Whatever works for you.

A while ago Monika Wright shared a risotto recipe found on Pinterest and as I love risotto, I immediately re pinned and have been making it ever since. Click here if you want to get hold of the recipe. When my rice loving walking partner, Charlene had her birthday yesterday, out came the recipe and a gift bag filled with all the ingredients.  She had to work late yesterday and I can just imagine the joy when getting home and somebody delivered dinner in the meantime. Anyway, that was my idea. This is what the pressie looked like:

I just love that stamp of the little girl and the cat - just makes me smile.  And inside it looked like this:

I have packed everything in Ziploc bags and finished it off with toppers made out of gift wrap scraps.  Love the color combo.

I loved the card so much that I didn't want to hide it inside an envelope.  I used it to decorate my shop bought party bag and made a mini folder inside the card to hold the recipe and a birthday note.

Well, Pinterest inspired me!  Have a great Wednesday and please come back to play right here on Play as U Go. I'll be back to share more of my inspiration.


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  1. Love that you packaged up your gift so creatively for your friend. It IS a good recipe, isn't it....we love it as well. So easy, but so good.