Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013 Layout

Hallo Bloglanders

I hope you are well ............................... I've got my friend Francileen, all the way from Kakamas here for the week. We became friends when our boys went to kindergarten together - both named Pieter and both only children. So, most of the time their stuff got mixed up and the wonderful thing about it - more than 20 years later, about 5 moves and 1000+ kilometres apart and we are still very, very good friends.

Just after Christmas I try to do a layout with a "Christmassy" feel and when Francileen and her husband went to visit friends this afternoon, I got going and finished my layout.

I try not to dwell on anything, just capture the feeling of everything as I know that tomorrow the focus will shift to the high and lows of 2013 and the next day onto new hopes and dreams for 2014.

Just goes to show what can be done in under an hour.  I love the fact that it's done and filed away in my album - for generations to reflect back upon.

That's it. Tomorrow I'll sneak in an hour to capture my 2013 in a 12 picture layout.  Of course, I'll show! In the meantime, enjoy the festivities, your time with family and friends and keep safe.

Have a great day!

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