Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thread it up!

Hallo Bloglanders

I'm trying my best to get stuff done but the more I have to do, less gets done.  So, I was HUGELY disappointed when I looked at MY CRAFT CLOSET post and found that I haven't covered them all - YET!!  This week I'll be over at Craft Storage Ideas with thread storage and even though I showed in my original post how I store my thread, I've never revealed it all.

Here is the original post. And here is the link back to Craft Storage ideas where it was first published. And this is where I store my thread:

On the first shelf above my sewing machines.  Sometimes I don't even get up, just reach for the right color and if I skip to another color, the thread will lie in front of the little drawers until I put them back. I totally hate stuff on my work surface!

And the containers I use???? Ordinary plastic drawers from my local hardware store.  I'm a no dust, no fuss kind of girl. The drawers let my thread stay clean, sorted by color and off my desk. It interlocks which makes it nice and sturdy and the best part - see through!!

I've got a scientific degree and one of the first things I learned in physics were the colors of the rainbow. I still sort everything accordingly. Red - Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue - Indigo - Violet.  I don't do Indigo, in Violet goes all my shades of Purple and Pink goes with Red. Normally I add categories for White, Black, Naturals and Grey as I use a lot of these.

Wanna see??
On the left you can see how the drawers interlock, middle - I don't even label them as they are see through and right is my blue and purple stash opened up.

That's it ........................... my thread sorted!! Later this week I'll be over at Craft Storage Ideas with pictures of thread storage solutions. Once the post is up, I'll insert the link here.

Thanks for looking at my blog today. I'm off to do some sewing.  Tomorrow I'll be back with a crafty idea just for you.  Have a great day!


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