Tuesday, December 17, 2013

In a Jam

Good morning Bloglanders

 I had a wonderful long weekend.  Now I'm trying to finish off my Christmas prep and then I want to give my house a facelift.  It's long overdue but I couldn't decide what to do so I just left it BUT that is about to change ....................................... watch this space and all will be revealed.

In the meantime, with two big boys at home. It's food, laundry, food, laundry, food, laundry 24/7. To top it all, it's summer in Sunny SA so I got hold of some apricots - Wynand's favourite and I had to do my December routine - cook apricot jam! Her they are:

Once again I made my own labels and this time round I used my very own font - Hazel Nut, If you missed out, read about it here.

And here they are before I started giving away and using:

It does look like a lot but I do give away to family and friends. I also use a lot for my family's favourite cookie - Hertzoggies. 

That's it, another December project done and dusted!!  Thanks for looking at my Blog today and please come back to play as I have lots more to share right here.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


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