Tuesday, February 4, 2014

i SPY - A Pre Bachelorette

Hi there Bloglanders

And here I am with something that looks like fun:

The Princess hosted a pre bachelorette party to go through all the wedding arrangements with the bridesmaids.  She supplied a pot of colored chalk for them to write messages on her garden bench.  I have one exactly like theirs (actually, they kidnapped theirs from my garden!) - next time I have friends over, I'm going to copy her idea. With chalkboard being the flavor of the month, you can't go wrong.

And a few more pics of the party:

All my Blogland friends who are currently having snow, rain and cold weather, I hope my post from Sunny SA has warmed your hearts.  For the rest - stay inside, keep warm and be safe.

Thanks for looking at my blog today and if you SPY something great, let me know and I'll feature it on my blog. I love to interact with my Blogland friends.

Have a great day.

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