Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recycle a Book Cover into a Jewellery or Memory Box

Hello Bloglanders

It's HOT out here and I would rather spend time in the pool than crafting. So, I'm sharing a quicky. The whole project took me less than 10 minutes and it was worth every one I spent on it. Here is my recycled Book Cover:

Remember this?

I bought a stack of these cheap 6x4 albums, took them apart to make mini books (read all about it here) and I just couldn't get myself to throw the covers away.  10 Minutes of my time, a piece of  (Christmas) fabric, an old bookplate (from one of our office files), my Silhouette and I've got a pretty Memory box.

For those of you who want to know what I did, here it is:

1. Cover the empty book cover with fabric.
2. Add embellishments.
3. Using the dimensions of your book cover, create a cutting file in Silhouette for the box that must go inside.  I work in rectangles. Size them to the measurements of your book cover, then arrange them according to a "box plan", cut away the corners with your knife tool and weld. I only do half the artwork, then duplicate, flip horizontal and weld again. Half the work, half the time, same effect. I also added dotted folding lines but I'm sure you can use your mat and bone folder for that. One of the best functions of Silhouette - dotted folding lines!!!
4. Cut, fold and glue your box. Once it's done, glue to the back and bottom of your covered book cover.

Here you can see the inside of my box:

I did add a piece of black fabric to the inside lid of my box - to hide the cover fabric and brads that went through my cover. You wouldn't believe how beautiful and sturdy everything turned out!!

I've got a lot more of covers to transform - think it will make wonderful Christmas gifts. Best part is .................. my cutting file if done, I can just choose my cardstock color and cut. Think I'll make some for jewellery boxes for the girls - with little organza bags inside and some more for my bookcase - would love to have a whole row on my shelves. I do love pretty fabrics.

That's it from me. Thanks for looking at my blog today. Please check back as I have lots and lots and lots more to share right here. Have a great day!


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