Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hearty Notepads from recycled office paper

Good morning Bloglanders

Yes, I'm still staying outside near the pool and under my veranda .......................... keep reading and I'll share a sneak peak.  First up: My project: Note Pads from recycled office paper:

Wynand and I have our own business and we recycle all our office paper.  We have a box where we keep it and every once in a while I convert it into notebooks.  I've shown you one I made here and here.  We do use a lot of notebooks to write down messages because if  I use a loose piece of paper, it normally gets lost. So, I decided to try my hand at "hearty" notepads this time round.  Best part is if you fold one A4 sheet in 4 you can cut 8 hearts from every sheet and what remains, can go directly in the recycling - no need to shred - you can't figure out a thing.

Here you can see the front and the back:

I don't write on the back of my notes anyway therefore I don't mind that it is partly printed with office info. Best part is: I've made nice, funky, sturdy covers and in future, I can just add more heart notes. For the covers I've used scraps from my MME "My Girl" stash.  I've glued them onto sturdy carton (recycled from packaging material).

And now for the sneak peak into my workspace:

Left is my view up into the vines that cover my porch and on the right my temporary work station on a garden bench looking onto the garden and pool. I'm staying out here until winter!!

That's it. I'm off to splash in the pool. Thanks for looking at my blog today. Have a great day!


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