Monday, February 9, 2015

Sunday Summery Week 7

Hello Bloglanders

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! Wynand went "winemaking" @ the West Coast and I stayed at home to get some admin and chores done.  So, we spent the weekend outside, visiting friends, doing a barbecue, swimming and catching up.

As I was working on a post for Craft Storage Ideas, I had to clean up my desk before my next project and I stumbled upon this piece of packaging  - recycled and now it's part of my Personal Planner. Perfect for summer days down under in Sunny SA.

The spare stickers got filed away in my Planner File:

On the left you can see the stickers and on the right my washi filing for my planner.  I'll tell you exactly how I did it later this week. Check back and all will be revealed right here on Play as U GO!!

I received a gift certificate for TYPO and went shopping.  They are really expensive and I don't normally buy there but I totally LOVED what they have and even more, it was wonderful filling up on some stash.  For the past year I had a philosophy of  "waste not, want not"  and therefore didn't buy anything. Here are 2 of the things that I bought:

A mini, mini stamp set and some stencils in a tin. One of the things I want to try out this year is doodling.  As I'm no artist, I thought the stencils would come in handy. I also like that they are small enough to fit into a 6x4 plastic pocket to take along in my Planner File. Even though the stamps are the perfect size for using on my Planner pages, I can't get them out of the wooden box.  You will see them again as I'm planning to make them more accessible.

And some sewing - a little black dress for my friend Marelize's daughter. These pictures are the inspiration. In the end we went with something much simpler -  I'll show once I get pictures of her wearing the actual dress.

And I had the pictures of our European holiday printed. 125 of them!!! As I have so many pics, I'll do some hidden journaling and just fill the pockets with lots and lots and LOTS of pictures. See what I mean?

Oh, I wish I could spend the whole week at my craft table!! But, like most of you I have to earn a living so, off to my admin it is. However, I'll be back to share some more crafting fun with you right here.

Thanks for looking at my blog today. Have a wonderful week and remember to try something new - TODAY!

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