Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sunday Summery Week 7/2015

Hello Bloglanders

I KNOW ..................... it's Tuesday but still ............................ I don't want to miss a week. And this is what I did:

Spend a lot of time "Valentine crafting".

I re-used most of my items from years gone by but it was worth keeping it!! For Wynand I made this little sticky note file and for my little friends these party favours.

I slip covered a chair but my production came to a halt when we had a power failure so this one will have to stand over to week 8. Watch this space - I'm going to have an awesome, purple chair!!

And I worked like mad on my PL pages.

Then I ran out of the little circle embellishments from Simple Stories and couldn't get any more online SO, I made my own ............................... in Afrikaans!!

These are sort of summery, love and fun but I'm planning to do some more with other themes. My templates are done, I can just change the images and fill patterns. As easy as that!

Here you can see what I did:

On the left you can see my SNAP inspiration. I printed my artwork on 6x4 cards, punched it out with my Creative Memories small circle punch (didn't even know I still had one!!) and it's done. I even mad a few bigger ones to decorate my little storage containers. Watch this space, you will see them again.

And I couldn't wait to use them:

I decorated my Friday the 13th and Valentine's day pages with them.  On the left is an Amy Tangerine quote that I received for signing up for the handbook.  It's so important to make something of every single day, every minute and every second. I love to have it on hand as a reminder.

And I baked a jam roll. It's Wynand's favourite and it turned out perfect. It's the easiest recipe - I've been using it since primary school. If you want the recipe, just get it here

I had a blogpost up over at Craft Storage Ideas about storing Planner Goodies. Hop over and read all about it. Just click here.

That's it!! I've done a lot!! And I've got some unfinished projects on my craft desk.  Check back and I'll share it right here on Play as U GO. Until we meet again ............................... have FUN and remember to try something new - TODAY!

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