Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Summary Week 1-5

Hello Bloglanders

Can you believe it's the 1st of February and week 6 already??? I couldn't believe my eyes when I marked down the weeks for my January PL.  As I'm already behind schedule, I decided to do week 1-5 in one go.

When I made my New Year's resolutions, I decided to make a weekly checklist. I've printed a few. Every Sunday I make a list on the back of my card of what I want to achieve that week and when the week's done, I write the actual on the front.

Then, when I do my Sunday Summary, I can just add pictures. And this is what I did this week:

I tried a few recipes:
A roasted Halloumi salad, Hertzog cookies and fried onion rings. I used the same batter for my onion rings that I normally do for my Sweet and Sour chicken. Get my recipe here. I feel like a Masterchef!!

And I did some sewing:
4 Tops and pants sets for my mum. Here you can see my sewing scrapbook with the patterns and fabrics used:

And on my craft table:

I worked on a post for Craft Storage Ideas - we are having a Bloghop in March and I'm rather proud of my project.  Keep watching back and all will be revealed.

Finally, my December Daily Album is finished:

I will do a separate post later this week - I love how it turned out!! The die cuts, printables and idea came from Wilna Furstenberg's Heartfelt Christmas Workshop

And I sorted my European trip memorabilia. I can't help it - I collect bits and bobs as I go but this time round, I decided to take a pic of what I have, give away what I'm not going to use and do a PL spread with what's left.
My favorite was the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. You can see the admission tickets on the first picture, bottom right. I also bought the most beautiful sunflower paper clips there. It is in a little tin just above the tickets. 

Over the weekend I've sorted all the holiday pictures and I'll start on my PL pages next weekend if we don't go camping. Talking about that - we swopped our off road trailer for a caravan.  Her name is "MOTLAPPER". Sorry, it's Afrikaans but I'll try to explain. When Pieter was small he didn't know the difference between a moth and a butterfly so he came up with a combination of both the words MOT (=MOTH) + LAPPER (a butterfly is a "skoenlapper" in Afrikaans). I suppose if you do the same in english, it would be a MOTHFLY.

So I made some summery, camping,  MOTLAPPER stickers for my Personal Planner:

I used the "print and cut" function and some white sticker paper from Silhouette. It worked like a charm - I'll be making some more ....................................... so easy. You will see them again when I share some of my Planner pages.

That's it. I'm off to get some rest. It's a new month and the office is VERY busy. Tomorrow I'll have to be in front of my computer all day long getting our admin done. In the meantime, have a GREAT week and check back as I'll show my beautiful DD on Tuesday. Of course, I'll share the inside info right here on Play as U Go!

Thanks for looking at my blog today and remember to try something new - TODAY!

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