Friday, April 13, 2012

Always a plan

Good morning Bloglanders

Finally it's Friday and you'll have more time to spend on yourself, your passions and the people you love. Can't wait!  I'm sharing my impromptu money envelopes today.

First - the story. Wherever I go, goes my diary, a paper pad, a punch (very small one I got from a Christmas cracker!), glue and a pen.  My diary, gratitude journal, scrap folder and even my sewing book all looks like Smash books.  Done that long before Smash books became fashionable and will still do it like that even when something else becomes the flavour of the month. To be fair, I love the Smash book add-on stuff and will add that to my system any time. (whenever it gets to sunny South Africa) It is just that I'm sticking to what I know works for me.

Last weekend when I went to the beach, a friend's children brought over a whole basket of fresh tomatoes. (I love to make tomato soup)  As I wanted to thank them,  I took two colored pages from  my paper pad, folded it to form envelopes, included money and glued it.  To zuss it up I added little paper flags and aeroplane paperclips that I love to buy from my local stationary shop. For the record, these were in my diary and I borrowed it until Tuesday when I got home to replace it.

Here is a picture of the back:

Maybe my message is not clear enough but in short I want to say that you can use ordinary items to create original items at no extra cost. Just be inspired by what you see, hear and feel.

Have a great weekend and if you don't have a creative diary or junk folder yet, go out there and buy a Smash book / make your own. I love the concept. Click here if you want to see the one Monika Wright did.

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