Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Good morning Bloglanders

First of all I can't resist to show you a picture of girlfriend #2's birthday pressie.  The cheapest wrapping paper possible, ribbon and a handmade tag.  I just love the look.

Maybe it was her birthday and all the beautiful wrapping paper that got me to this idea - to die cut the used wrapping paper!!!  I'm so excited because I hate to waste anything and it breaks my heart to throw away all these beautiful papers.  Her is what you do. Cut out usable pieces and as wrapping paper is rather flimsy, you can stack a lot of them. Then cut into your preferred shape (I used my good old Cuttlebug). TA DA:

I just folded it over some goodie bags and they are ready to give away.  I'm really, really proud of this new idea.

I hope you are excited as I am and will put in some extra effort to recycle, reuse and re purpose.

Have a great day!

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