Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flash Folder on the Go

Hi there Bloglanders

I'll be going away on Thursday for a very long weekend.  Today I started putting my stuff together and want to show you how my trip will be incorporated into my Flash Folder.  The reservations has been done months before and everything was filed under April up till this week when I took it out and filed it in my "Mobile Folder".  Actually it's only 2 red binder rings that I got from Monika's shop, a laminated map, a plastic zip lock bag (I added a binder spine to it) and an envelope.

I've already done mini books for me and the girls going with on the trip and will post the pictures tomorrow.  While away, I will just punch holes in everything and add it to my Mobile Folder. Back home everything (the mini book as well) will go into a folder like this:

If you want to see how I've made it, click here.

I love collecting memorabilia but it always ends up somewhere in a box or on a shelf but not any more - with my Flash Folder system it gets sorted ASAP.  I think I'll adapt this concept for my December Daily as well as last year's is still in a plastic container on my desk!

That's it from me for the day.  I'll show you the mini books tomorrow and then I'm off on that very long weekend. Can't wait!

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