Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recipe folder

Good morning Bloglanders

I'm back with a recipe folder I made last year. Actually I made two - one for a friend and one for myself as I'm a firm believer that charity begins at home.

Here it is:

I normally don't put a recipe in my folder before I've tried it out. (I must say, Pinterest is a lifesaver here) This leaves me with lots of scraps with handwritten recipes as well as ones torn from magazines. To organize my mess, I made this folder out of 2 paper bags - one with pink polka dots and one in black.  I just glued them together and folded in 3. In the middle I glued a shop bought notebook, to the right I inserted extra recipe cards and to the left some tags.  It stays on the table in our living room and when I see a recipe in a book, I put one of the brightly colored tags in and that reminds met to try it out ASAP.  If it stays in more than a month, I know that I'll never make it and recycle the magazine.  On the notepad I write things I see or hear like "how to do your rice in the oven".  (This one actually works for me - no more pots or stoves to clean afterwards) I just jot it down, try it and if it works, put it in my permanent recipe folder.

For myself I added a glassine envelope with "toys" to the left as I love to play when jotting down stuff.  My letters are home made - they are wonderful and I'll be doing a post on how to make them tomorrow. Let's call it "Toy Thursday"!

I'm also working on a new mini album (amongst a lot of sewing projects and heaps of office work) but this is a surprise for "Mini Monday". So, please come back to play as I'll be sharing my toys right here on my blog.

Have a great Wednesday!

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