Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter weekend

Hi there Bloglanders

I'm so sorry that I'm so late with my post!  I had a wonderful weekend at the West Coast celebrating my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  You know that I don't like taking pictures but as I've joined in the fun of  this challenge, I think I'm getting better. Look at this picture that I've taken with my mobile phone of Strandfontein.

I'm putting this in my Bucket list album X 10 000 as I would love to go there many more times.  I really love the South African West Coast.

OK, I did bring something easy and creative for you to make as well!  You know that I love giving little pressies to my neighbors and friends.  This year I did a cappuccino for 1 with instant cappuccino, heart shaped shortbread and marshmallows.

While everyone was fighting over Easter eggs, my cups were filled with ordinary items that can be bought in bulk and I'm sure it has been equal fun. (at a fraction of the cost)  Anyway, the parents normally plan the egg hunt and I didn't want to compete.  The best part is that I can now give refill packs whenever I see the children and they can re-use their cups for soup, hot chocolate and I even serve pudding in mine.

Normally I find it difficult to give something original to the boys and I guarantee you - this one is a winner!

Enjoy the rest of your (short) week and I'll be back tomorrow to share some creative fun. Please come back to play.

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