Friday, May 4, 2012


Hi there Bloglanders

Today I'm sharing my Play Date Cafe entry for this week:

And this is the inspiration:
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Those of you who follow the WCS blog, will know that they are sharing ideas for teacher appreciation this week.  Now, I'll never be a teacher as I'm far too impatient but for years I used to do Sunday school  at church.  In all those years ONE mum made her son write me a letter at the end of the year to tell me how he appreciated me and in all honesty that made all those years of getting up early on a Sunday worth my while. Whenever I see her or her son in town I get this huge grin that keeps me in a good mood the whole day.

I don't have children at school any more and know that working mum's don't have a lot of time for appreciation but whenever I have grandchildren I will do the teacher appreciation gifts for them. 

You know me, I'm like a factory at my scrap desk.  All the tools were out so I decided to stack up on "thank you gifts" while I did the Play Date Cafe entry.  Here is the rest of the Play Date Cafe family:

And X3 that will be delivered today as "thank you gifts":

In total I have made 10 of these. Inside is a small slab chocolate.  I will keep the rest in a container in my fridge and they will be ready whenever I need to thank someone. (Maybe I'll do it more if I have something ready made to deliver) Come to think of it, this would make great party favors or Mother's day gifts as well!

Well, that's it from me for the day. I have to get back to the office as I still have "thank you gifts" to deliver before the weekend starts. Have a great weekend and please come back to play.


  1. Love your cute pillow box with the crocheted flower topper!!

  2. Very unusual. Love the different shape

  3. Hazel, these little packages are absolutely perfect in their sweet style (and that's not even including the chocolate inside!).

    Thanks a bunch for joining us at The Play Date Cafe this week!

  4. I love this cute little package. Those crocheted flowers are so pretty! Thank you so much for playing along at The Play Date Cafe.