Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hallo Bloglanders

It's a beautiful day in sunny South Africa and I want to do a quick post and then take my book, old cat and sunglasses and spend the rest of the day outside.

I'm sure that you can still remember that I told you all my books are SMASH books. BUT - I received an original and I have to tell you - it is NOTHING compared to anything I've ever seen.  First of all it's HUGE (11x13.5 inches; 29x35 cm) and the papers are gorgeous. Bright, bold and much sturdier than normal cardstock. Inside there are pockets, photo sleeves and printed gassine envelopes. The outside is embossed and covered with thick plastic to protect the book. It even comes with a pen and glue stick attached to the plastic cover for your convenience. In my picture you can see this to the right of the the book.

I took some pictures for you. I'm sorry for my USA readers but I thought my fellow South Africans would love to see this - we don't get SMASH stuff here!!!!!

The book even explains the whole concept of SMASH filing on the first page. (A junk drawer in book format) It welcomes you and says good bye as well. Mine already feels like family.

To be fair, I love this book but the smaller one looks ordinary to me and I think I'll rather buy another book than any of the add-on products.  I have enough tools, stash and initiative to do them myself. But, that's only my opinion!

So, off I go and I'll take my SMASH book as well - just to look at him makes me smile.

Have a great day and please come back for another playdate tomorrow.

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