Monday, May 7, 2012


Hi there Bloglanders

It's a beautiful new week and I hope you all have one filled with love, creativity and sunshine.  In Stellenbosch we had our first winter rain last week but the weekend was hot and sunny. It's beautiful outside - colored leaves and fluffy white clouds everywhere you look. 

You know that I'm not good at taking pic's but all this was too much for me. On Sunday, I got out early and took some photos in my neighborhood.

Here they are.

And just to show that I did it myself:

I'm off to have my pictures printed. I've got a pre-made mini book that I want to use.  If you want to see where I got my inspiration, you can click here. What I love about this mini is that you can print 4x6 pictures, glue them together and whoa-la - mini made!

Thanks for joining me.  I'll be back tomorrow to share some more creativity with you. Have a great Monday!

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