Wednesday, May 2, 2012

White trees

Hi there Bloglanders

I'm back from a wonderful, long weekend and inspired to finish old and new projects ASAP.  The problem is that I'm snowed under in office work and will probably have to wait until the weekend to get to my craft desk.  In the meantime we will cover some alternative projects.

As I've told you before, my blind-side-son is an architect and studying towards a higher degree this year.  He's designs are very calm, serene and holistic. (and very white!) Even the trees have to be white!  So, A+ personality (that's me) came up with the solution to his white tree problem - I picked foliage on my daily walk around the park, sprayed them with spray-on-adhesive, then with white spray  paint and whoa-la!! 

Very calm, serene and holistic (and very white) trees!

And here you can see the  whole idea.

I know this is not my normal crafty ideas but I wanted to show you what a bit of initiative and some craft stock can do to an alternative project. That's it from me for today. Thank you for coming to play. Please come back tomorrow and I will share more of my toys.

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