Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Good evening Bloglanders

It's Sunday evening and I had a great Mother's Day. I just love both my boys and the girlfriends to bits.  One of the benefits of getting older - your family just seems to grow and grow. Nothing gets to a lunch table with all your loved ones, wonderful food and great conversation. I'm truly blessed.

I came upon a challenge where you have to incorporate an old envelope and this is the layout I made:

The challenge is by Scrap for Help and if you want to read more about it, you can click here.  I actually want to share with you my story behind the layout.  I mentioned earlier this year that my mom and dad moved into a smaller house and that she dumped a lot of her stuff on me. Amongst other things, I inherited 3 boxes of old sewing patterns.  At the time I just stuck them into a cupboard in the garage but when this challenge came up and I didn't have any old envelopes, out came the old patterns.

I had a ball looking through them and there are even some patterns that my grandmother used.  I chose one of the envelopes and then it came to me - I'm nothing like my mum or grandmother but we all share a love for sewing. So I sat down at my computer and made a table of things that my grandmother, mum and I love and you would be surprised at the length of my list. (the table is inside the envelope on my layout) I even remembered that I scanned pictures of my grandmother and mum a few months ago and that they were about 20 at the time the pictures were taken.  I got engaged at that age so I got my engagement picture out and with a bit of help from my friend, Photoshop I had three generations lined up for my layout.

Maybe you will think that I'm being silly and even I think so but if it wasn't for this layout I would never have thought of comparing the three of us. Never before have I thought about putting pictures of us together. 

I still don't think that I take after my mother, but this made me see that we do have things in common with one another as well as with generations before us. (Of course!)

OK, that's it from me.  Have a great week and please come back to play.


  1. Wow!!! What a marvellous idea - to use the sewing pattern envelope! It certainly fits the bill! It's old and it's an envelope - a mighty lovely one at that!!! Lovely layout! Thanks for playing along with us! :D

  2. How unique and pretty is this! Love it!! Thanks for joining us at Scrap For Help this month... x

  3. Love this! Just so neat looking! Tks. for playing along with us at SFH!

  4. So awesome! I just LOVE how you used the sewing pattern!