Sunday, July 22, 2012

Holiday mini

Good evening Bloglanders

It's Sunday 6.30pm in SA and no sun at all BUT it was a great day. My husband's back after a week of business and I finally had some light to take pic's. 

This is what the book looks like from the side:

Normally during the winter school holidays we go to the picturesque Jeffrey's Bay. While the west is having cold and rainy weather, further north is nice and sunny. J-Bay is renowned for its surfing but more important to me is that there are two scrap shops. I know this should not be a big thing to my American Bloglander friends, but I live in Stellenbosch, a HUGE university town and we don't even have one! (not even a decent stationary shop.)

Normally I buy online from Bohemian Scrapsody (great name for a scrap shop don't you think?) and this time round they gave me a gift voucher to spend on whatever I fancy.  As I love the Rusted sun range by Fancy Pants and they had it packed in a kit for R100 - I just couldn't resist!  The colors and images fits in perfectly with my mini album's sun, sea, sand and surf theme.

Without further ado - here are the inside pages of my holiday mini.

And here you can see it filed away as part of my A5 "2012 in review file".  I made the plastic sleeve myself. Just used thick book plastic,  sewed around and punched in some file holes.  I made it before I filled up the book and now I can see that it wasn't such a great idea as it's fitting very tight in there. Next time I'll first do the book and then the pouch.

I hope you enjoyed my book.  I sure did and will be paging through it for years to come! Have a great week and please come back to play.

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