Thursday, July 19, 2012

Packaging tutorial

Good morning Bloglanders

It is a beautiful day in sunny SA!  I'm going to finish my admin and get out of the house.  I think sushi in the park would be great.

Yesterday I showed a tin I decorated for The Play Date Cafe challenge of the week.  I just love them as a pack of 3 x 4 cards or tags fit perfectly. When you need a gift in a hurry, you just decide on which set in your stash would suit your friend best, wrap it in tissue paper and into your decorated tin it goes. 

I love the "peek-a-boo-look" of the tin and therefore attached my decorations to a piece of acetate that has been cut to fit the tin's lid. 

Attach it to the inside of the tin's lid with double sided tape:

Ta-da!! Two done for my stash. One for a friend's birthday pressie (a mini cookbook) and the other for my mini book with fave quotes that stays next to my computer.

Whenever I do a layout, I always try to do a set of cards as well. These get stored in sets for pressies. It does make my life much easier knowing that I have everything ready and waiting whenever I need it.  I plan to give sets to my neighbors and friends for Xmas and have bought extra tins to decorate for that purpose.  Once done, I'll share it with you - of course!

One more thing - I rarely write letters or cards but use 3x4 cards and tags on presents / flowers / thank you gifts / apprecation gifts all the time.  I found that this size is perfect for a note, a sentiment and some decoration.  For me it is also the perfect size to try something crafty - like stenciling, masks, stamping, etc.  If it goes wrong, you just cut it up and use your failure to enhance another card / tag and it's recycling at its best!

That's it!  I'm off to the park.  Tomorrow I'll show you the holiday mini. Please come back to play.

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