Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Birds of a Feather Mini Album

Hi there Bloglanders

I'm having a wonderful Wednesday at the beach and NO - this is not a scheduled post!  We don't have Internet access at the beach house but I made some pancakes for the winery staff and had to deliver it - I grabbed the chance to do a post for you of what I did yesterday.

I'm sure you all have favorite pictures of yourself and the love of your life. Every time I page through my albums I would think that I need to get copies of these and make a mini album but up till now, I just didn't get to it.  So, before I left, I printed the ones I could get my hands on quickly and yesterday I captured all these special moments with a mini album.

Here it is:

I used a Bo Bunny paper pack from my stash. I've had it for some time and actually bought it for a mini book on my home renovation but then I realized - I have more than enough stock for both projects.  I just divided the die cuts into the "birdy" ones for this mini and the birdhouses for the one to come. The title is in Afrikaans but it means "Birds of a feather flock together".  

If I tell you that Wynand and I don't have the normal type of marriage, it is an understatement. Nothing soppy here as we both have super strong personalities but we do have lots of fun and have been together forever.  My friend Marelize took a picture of us on a camping trip with me enjoying a glass of wine and Wynand looking over his glasses at me with a look that says "expect the unexpected!" I'll try and get hold of that photo as it captures what I've been trying to explain - you will see. AND I'll have to add it to my mini album.

Want to see more pictures?
 Here is the front back en a view from the side.  Don't you love my lime binder ring?

And the inside pages:

I still have some open spots in my album and that will be filled as I come upon special pictures of us.  In the end I would like it to be a chunky, colorful, vibrant mini.  

And I have a tip for you!  You will see that I've used stitching on the journaling.  I printed on an A4 sheet, stitched through the paper, trimmed it to size and then glued it on the pages. The reason?  No sewing machine at the beach house so I had to do it beforehand and it worked - if I didn't let you in on the secret, you wouldn't have known.

That's it from me.  Tomorrow I'll have to do some office work as I'm getting behind schedule sitting on the "stoep", drinking wine and eating too much. I'll be back to share some crafting fun. Have a great Wednesday and thanks for looking.

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