Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Green chevron Art Journal

Good morning Bloglanders

Already half way through the week! Time to get the weekend plans sorted.  Wynand has a camping trip lined up and I'm rather excited - good company, lots of outdoor activities and experiencing something new.  And the Princess is turning 25.  Perfect opportunity to take some photos - I can see great layouts coming up. Oh yeah, I know - you don't like my layouts. Sorry about that - I love them.

According to my blog stats you love my Art Journaling.  Why??? I think it's IMPERFECT like ME and I work very hard at myself not to throw every attempt in the trash.  So be it - it happened again when I tried this one:

I wanted to participate in The Twinery's challenge:

Last week in Blogland it was Washi tape, this week it's clovers and a lot of green.  I'm not a very green person so I came up with a color scheme of black, white, green and a dash of red. Also, my clover looks like a flower but that's part of my artistic flair.

This is how I created this "Lucky ME" canvas:
I applied a layer of Mod Podge over a sheet of Multi Media paper.
Scrunched up some printed tissue paper and applied it on top op the wet Mod Podge.
2 more layers of Mod Podge.  This actually looks great - like leather. Will do again! See my tip at the bottom.
Dried the whole thing outside in the sun. Yes, it's summer in Sunny SA.
Used a die to cut the chevrons in my card.
Next up I made some grass by gluing Peapod Twine onto cardstock and glued it to the back of the negative chevrons on my card.
Some stamping.  This is where I wanted to trash the project but I think I didn't allow enough drying time.
Anyway, now it has sort of a bleeded effect but it's growing on me.
Last up I added a four leaved clover made out of die cut hearts and some twine for the middle and the stem and my title.

Done and dusted.

I didn't want to throw the positives of the die cut chevrons away so I added it to my Art Journaling book as well.  And because I'm very, very lucky, I added another four leaved clover.

This is what my Art Journal book looks like:

I'm so glad I didn't trash it after all.  I normally sit down on a Sunday when everything is quiet to do the journaling. With the camping trip coming up, I don't know if it will get done, but I like it anyway - if all else fails, it can stay as it is. "LUCKY ME" says it all.

Now for my tip:  Running the "canvas" through the die cut machine to cut the chevrons, it flattened the surface to a perfect texture. Next time I try this technique, I'll run it through the machine without cutting. I'm really, really excited about this - will be making some more for book covers! I call it my "leather look".

That's it from me.  I'll be back with some more crafting fun.  Have a great day and please come back to play at Play as U go.


  1. So fun, Hazel! Thanks for joining us at The Twinery!

  2. Absolutely stunning use of twine! Thank you for joining us at the Twinery, hope to see you there next challenge :)

  3. What a fun project! Thanks for playing along!