Monday, March 11, 2013

Some Bunny Loves You birthday card / mini book

Hi there Bloglanders

It's a Marvellous Monday here in Sunny SA!  I'm back after a week at the West Coast and can't wait to get crafting.  I have a BIG birthday coming up - no, not mine but girlfriend #1, the princess in turning 25 next week. I love her to bits and decided to make her a special birthday card / mini book.

Here it is:

And this is how I did it: (Picture 2)

After last week's Wacky Washi all around Blogland I couldn't help myself but try it straight away.  I've never used it to bind a book but it works very well.  I actually recycled packaging from my Cropper Hopper files, cut the carton into five 2x2 inch squares and covered it with scrapbook paper. Out came the Washi tape to bind the squares together. I've used coral pink on the inside and banana yellow on the outside.  My color inspiration came from The Color Throwdown.

Just a tip: Leave at least a 2mm gap between the squares before adding the Washi - this makes folding the card flat much easier. Sort of a "washi hinge".  I've cut a scalloped circle into the middle block for a peek-a-boo effect.  Also, before I covered the recycled carton, I sewed 2 pieces of ribbon on the left block as I wanted a vibrant ribbon to close my card / mini book. Inside I've added my stamped scallop - "Some bunny loves U" from Papertrey Inc. (Right bottom of  Picture 2) You can also see the details of my front cover in this picture. (Left middle Picture 2). 

As easy as that!

And some more pic's: Back of closed card:

And what I love most about this card /  mini book - it stands up all by itself!!! Here you can also see the dimension on the stamped scallop peeking through the peek-a-boo. Oh!  Forgot to mention - I've put a foam square underneath to make it pop out more.

When I saw this bunny stamp on Alexandra's blog (Art, Scrap and More) last year on Valentine's day, I knew I just had to have it. The Princess has 8 bunnies but that's a story for another day.  Remind me to tell it to you - it is really a great story and I've captured it more than once on a layout. Will take a picture and come back to share.

Back to my "Some Bunny Loves U card / mini book".  I'm adding stuff to the inside of this card cum mini book but I couldn't decide what to do - something like: I love U, Wynand loves U, all your friends love U, Princess Cinnamon Boots (that's her cat) loves you, 8 x Bunnies love you, but most of all - my son loves you.  I'm still deciding if I'm just going to journal or if I'm adding pictures.  If you check back here, I'll share my finished project with U.

Confession time!  I know I make a lot of spelling / grammar mistakes but I hate reading through my post after I've written it. So, I just don't do it! IMPERFECT ME.

Thanks for looking at my blog. I'll be back. Have a Marvellous Monday and please come back to play at Play as U Go.

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