Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mini Album for Project Life # 1

Hallo Bloglanders

I hope you are having a wonderful day!  Today I brought my most recent mini album to show. Ta da!!

And what makes this one different from the rest??? Let me give you a hint:

YES!!! It fits into my Project Life album! I love lots and lots and lots of pictures and I don't do weeks (I do LIFE) - just try to group pictures together, some journaling, a date and a title. I do end up with my pictures not fitting onto a single page so I invented the IMPERFECT ME mini album that fits into a PL album. My inspiration for this one came from the Silhouette blog.  Of course they didn't think about fitting it to PL - I did that all by myself  but they did put up a tutorial and a special bundle with shapes.  Hop over and see for yourself. Just click here.

I did cut the shapes to line up on the left with my little knife tool in Silhouette Studio but the rest was pretty much like the tutorial.  I do love the tags so I included 2.  And guess what the Silhouette challenge for the week is - tags!! Great minds think alike.

Something else, it seems that if Silhouette has a bundle for sale and you already own some of the images you get even further discount.  It's spooky .......................... Silhouette Studio seems to do all the thinking on your behalf!

OK, let me explain how I adapted the inspiration. Here are some more pics:
I lined all my pages up to the left on a 6x4.5 (this half is the important part) piece of cardstock and stitched through them leaving the top half inch open. Then I added another piece of 6x4.5 to the back and the doily (this is optional but I like it as it covers the top stitching) More stitching and the book is done. Now you slip it into your PL page protector - the back 6x4.5 piece goes into the pocket and the rest on top.

It is perfect for IMPERFECT ME - the page now has lots of dimension and more journaling and pictures can be added. I will be showing more of these PL mini albums as this is actually the 6th one that I've "designed" - all variations on the same idea but "different". I will add a sneak peak of  the one that will be up tomorrow but IMPERFECT ME lost my camera's memory card so you'll have to come back!!

Lost but now found. Look below for the PS.

Also, on Thursday I'll show more detailed pictures of the stacking and stitching if you are not sure about that. The Thursday edition was made with recycled envelopes, tags and die cuts - especially for my non Silhouette Bloglanders. You see, I've got you all covered!  Thanks for looking at my blog and please check back as I have lots more to share right here.Have a great day and .......................... try something new!


PS. My mini PL album that will be on the blog later today.

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