Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gratitude Time

Hello Bloglanders

I hope you are well. We have beautiful, summery weather and it's really wonderful to be outside. However, I make sure that I do get some crafting done as well. Every day I put something out on my craft desk and even though things sometimes get rough, I mostly get it done. Yesterday I moved everything outside and did my crafting in my beautiful garden!

We don't celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving in Sunny SA but I try to join in the fun as I love ANY occasion.  So, every year during November I do a gratitude list / mini book or layout. Yesterday I made this:

This a gratitude banner and it's hanging above my fireplace. I used my Silhouette to print and cut little chalkboard frames with Afrikaans "gratitude words" - even made blanks.  Did you know that a white dressmaking pencil works as well as chalk and it's much easier to write with?? In between I've added little envelopes made out of all my leftover MME "the sweetest thing" papers.  Inside each envelope is mini, mini notecards. The idea is that the rest of the family fill out notes of gratitude and add more gratitude words to the banner - then everything will be converted to a layout / mini book / Project Life page. If you missed my effort last year, you can read all about it here.

Of course, twine from The Twinery (Mandarin) and the color scheme evolved around my Halloween decor.

Here is a close-up:

For my non-South African Bloglanders: Geluk = Joy; Vrede = Peace; Geloof = Faith; Hoop = Hope; Liefde = Love; Seen = Blessed. Now you know!  Any more gratitude words ex Blogland? Leave me a comment and I'll translate and add your word to my banner.

That's it from me. I've got the orange layout ex the Big Picture class challenge on my desk and today it's getting done - sort of a curveball for me. I'm not an orange person, I don't like orange (except for Halloween pumpkins) and I don't own orange embellishments. Will have to get my Silhouette to print and cut to get me out of this fix.

Thanks for looking at my blog today and please come back to play. Have a Wonderful Wednesday!



  1. That's a very nice idea and Afrikaans seems similar to German:
    Geluk = Joy = Glück (whereas I would translate "Joy" with "Freude");
    Vrede = Peace = Friede;
    Geloof = Faith = Glaube;
    Hoop = Hope = Hoffnunf;
    Liefde = Love = Liebe;
    Seen = Blessed = Segen

    Best wishes from Austria

    1. I made a typo it is Hoffnung not Hoffnunf

    2. Thanks Maggie. Now we only need our French / Russian / Swedish Bloglanders to add their words and we will have a gratitude dictionary this year. I would love it!! We have wonderful friends in Saulheim - been to Germany a few times to visit them and to see your beautiful country. Love Germany - clean, calm and serene,

    3. Ohoh - not Germany - AUSTRIA - That's a big difference ;-)

      Don't worry, I do not really care a lot - the language is similar (bit still there is "German German" and "Austrian German") and we are neighbours anyway.

      best regards
      Maggie from Austria/ Vienna

    4. Sorry Maggie. It is SO silly - if you read German, you just assume Germany! I have a great Austrian, German speaking friend and I have been to Austria as we are importing wine barrels from there for our winery. Love your country.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Monika,
      I've been already to Munich, Germany but actually I come from Vienna, Austria. But we all speak German (kind of ;-) ).

      All the best

  3. Since I am Swedish I guess I should give you the Swedish translation of the words.

    Geluk = Joy; Vrede = Peace; Geloof = Faith; Hoop = Hope; Liefde = Love; Seen = Blessed.

    Geluck= Glädje
    Geloff=Tillit or Tro
    Hoop= Hopp

    Cecilia from Sweden ( who has a friend here in my village that comes from South Africa)

    1. And our Gratitude Dictionary is getting bigger!! Thanks Cecilia and give my love (and some sunshine) to your South African friend.