Thursday, October 10, 2013

Use ORANGE in a Layout

Good morning Bloglanders

I hope you are well. Once again, beautiful weather and I'm on my way for a walk in the park.  First, I'm sharing what I did yesterday.  Let's start at the end:

I told you that I'm doing Elizabeth Dillow's class at Big Picture and challenge #3 was to use ORANGE. Now, if you know me, you would know that I never use orange in Layouts - maybe it's because we don't have orange clothes - so normally nothing to match. The only orange I could find in my stash was a 6x4 piece of cardstock from a Project Life Kit, 1 strip in my "cut-up" bin and about half a page of patterned paper in my recycle stash - no embellishments - zilch!!

And this is what attempt #1 looked like:

Bazaar pudding at it's best!! I totally hated it so off came the patterned cardstock. And attempt #2  looked like this:

Too bland! And what would an orange layout be without orange?  So, I used my only piece of orange cardstock to re cut the title and the little people that I've used as embellishments. And now you have to scroll to the top to see what effort #3 looks like . Not something that I would normally do BUT at least I used the orange that I had and the look is 90% IMPERFECT ME. (All my embellishments with compliments from my Silhouette.)

As part of the challenge Stacy shares a layout and a video.  For this challenge, she did a layout about her son leaving home and since then I've been stuck on missing my son.  We live in the same town, I see him on a daily basis but he recently got engaged and I don't want to overstep the boundaries so I'm just missing being the #1 woman in his life. A good friend once said -" if you miss your child, call your mom".  I think I'll add that as a subtitle to my ORANGE inspired layout.

That's sorted then - one orange inspired  layout for my album and another story told and captured. That's what all is is about isn't it??? Get it recorded. I'm far behind schedule with the challenges so I'm off to start on the next one - hopefully it's not another curve ball. In the meantime, thanks for looking at my blog today. Have a Thunderous Thursday and please come back to play.


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  1. I loved reading your process, Hazel! I agree, the first attempt with the pp did not work NEARLY as well as the final product, which I adore! It is stunning. The stitching really brings it together, too! : )