Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mini Album for Project Life #2

Hallo Bloglanders

And I'm back to show my Mini Album for PL al la IMPERFECT ME. Here it is. And yes, I found my memory card. As it is black and was lying on a pile of  folded black laundry (why on earth would it be there??) ............. I just didn't see it!  This is version #2. If you missed #1 just scroll down or click here.

And included in my PL page:
It actually all started with an idea from Big Picture Classes - Use signage. Well, I don't have any children at home and Wynand absolutely refused to hold up a chalkboard so I decided to use what I've got.  The layout is all about a camping trip to Guano Cave near Montagu.  As I didn't take a pic of the nameboard, I decided to use the logo on my information sheet. I scanned it, "cut and lift" in Silhouette Studio and then cut it out of Vinyl. I received some as part of another Silhouette item that I've bought and it has been staring at me for the past month.  

For you "Silhouettees" out there - I did struggle. My machine did not want to feed the vinyl and I ended up sticking it to a cutting mat.  Then I couldn't get it to transfer onto the transfer sheet.  I ended up putting letters on like old times - sticker sheets!! Well, it's not perfect but I'm fine with how it turned out.  You bet I'll be watching the tutorial again - must be doing something wrong. Anyone up for some advice?? Leave me a comment, PLEASE.

And this is how the mini book works:
Cut pages for the inside. About 3. A tiny bit smaller than 8 x 6.  (I recycled some ordinary copy paper from the office) For the cover cut one 8 x 6.  Fold everything in half, punch two holes on the spine of your book, use some twine / stitching to bind and add to the outside and inside what you like. I did cut my back cover a bit shorter at the bottom as I wanted it to fit perfectly into the 6 x 4 pocket.  Just slip the back cover into the page protector slot and the rest stays on top. It gives my layout a lot of dimension, extra space for journaling and I even added some stickers and more pictures to the inside.

That's it. Another page in my life recorded!  I love my stuff!! 

Thanks for looking at my blog today. I love my daily chats with you and please come back to play as I'll be showing my #3 mini album for PL tomorrow - the non Silhouette version.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


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