Thursday, October 31, 2013


Hallo Bloglanders

Before my final BOO - Thanks so much for looking at my bloggie this month. I had a Bumper Blog month!! A 95% increase in visits.  Maybe that's not much for you but as my blog already exceeded ALL my expectations this year - it's HUGE!!!

For those of you wondering, my spinach gnocchi is still not perfect but as I decided upon a Halloween picnic and it's pouring in Sunny SA - the gnocchi will get another chance tonight.  I think the green "pillows" will fit perfectly with my black, orange and green theme. Enough of that!! These are my Halloween treats:

 I actually wanted to do the bat version but then I ran out of time and as I've seen them in the Silhouette gallery, I didn't want to be a copy cat. So I reverted back to miniature pillow boxes and spider silhouettes.  I used the same shape that I've used here:

This time I used leftover scraps of black paper to die cut with my Silhouette. You can see - one of the spiders have white legs - that is where I tried some Guesso on the black paper (recycling at its best). Actually, that is my fave one - looks authentic!! The pillow boxes are really small. I halved the original shape and a treat size chokkie JUST fits in there.

An this one was sent by special delivery (Wynand) to my Robertson friend:
A stamped die cut, a paint sample converted into a tag, some stitching and a glassine bag from Monika's "I love it all" Etsy shop. I've been converting my scraps into more usable items and of course, I included some for my friend to use over the holidays.  I'll share that with you tomorrow. You know me - re use, recycle and repurpose!

That's it!! I'm off to try my hand at that elusive perfect Spinach Gnocchi.  Have a BOOtiful day!!


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