Monday, October 7, 2013

My most popular posts.

Good morning Bloglanders

I hope you are having a Marvellous Monday!  We went camping in Montagu - awful weather, great friends, wonderful food and wine.  Life is great, isn't it? My blog is really doing great and exceeding all my expectations and I love to see which of my post were the most popular.  Of course, you can't see it but I thought you would like to know as well. Here they are:

#1: Mini Folders:

I still use these folders - recycled office paper clipped into a 6x4 folder and I add on as I go. Maybe I should update my pic!

#2: Wedding Bells:
I made this as a pressie for my friend Marelize - it is a guest book for her wedding. Inside I have personalized pages where guest can write wishes and comments. I covered the book with fabric left over from her and the bridesmaid's dresses.

#3: Pressie Stash:

I still do these. My friends and family love them and I plan to do an updated version as Christmas gifts this year. Not everyone has a gift wrapping station and this is a great way to share your stash.

#4: Handbag Fave's:
Another thing that I still do and use. I keep one in my handbag and update it as I get new pictures. Love to take it out and show! Totally hate sharing pic's on my iPhone and iPad - too perfect for IMPERFECT ME.

#5: The Craft Closet:

This is the only expected one in the top 5 as I got a lot of spin off from my post over at Craft Storage Ideas. If you missed out on that one, just click here.

That's it. Your top 5.  I didn't expect this!! And I think I'll do a post on MY top 5 as well. I do have projects that I feel are original and beautiful so I'll show them as well. Later this week.  So, If you want to join in the fun, please come back to play.  Thanks for looking at my blog today and have a wonderful day.


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