Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Inside info on tabbed mini book

Good morning Bloglanders

As promised, I'm back to share how I made my tabbed mini book. As I have a whole lot of little, crafty Bloglanders who read my posts and don't have all the tools that I assembled through the years, I'll also share my option B - for those without the tools!

This is what my finished book looked like:
And these are the examples I made to show how you make them:

On the left is the one made with my tools and on the right the one without.  Actually, I like the one without more!

This is the die that I've used to cut my pages:

As I wanted my pages to form a "pocket", I folded my paper and moved it a bit to the right for it to miss the cutting edge of the die on the left.

I used my good old Cuttlebug to cut the page and decided to add a flower window as these pages are going to become cards and I want the sentiment to peek out from behind.

I just added some vellum to the back of my peek-a-boo flower and glued 2 edges of the pocket.

Plan B was even easier.  I folded a piece of paper over, cut it into a 3 and a half inch square, punched the 3 holes in and added a homemade tab.  For the tab I just cut a square of paper, folded it in half and used my corner rounder to shape the top.  For this one, I just cut out the shape that I wanted and punched out the little heart. Easy peasy!

If I have time today, I'll be converting these two pages into cards for my Xmas pressie stash. "If you go the extra mile, you'll be miles ahead".

I'm off to do my household chores.  Have a great day and please come back to play.

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