Thursday, August 30, 2012

Take along Barn Part 1

Good morning Bloglanders

It is nearly the end of the week so hang in there - just one more day and you'll have some time to spend playing.

As promised, my version of a take along Barn.  My son used to have one when he was small and he took it everywhere. We had it stocked with some little toys and wherever he (we) went it tagged along and it kept him busy for hours. It's not easy raising an only child!

Well, when I saw the idea at UK lass in the US, I just knew I had to make one for a friend's little boy. I think hers was bigger and she used wood inside. I adapted mine to the size of our original (25 years old!) and used mesh that you get from craft stores.

I made my patter for a tin of similar size as the barn I wanted to cut a pattern out of old newspaper.

Cut every pattern piece out of fabric, lining, iron on batting and the mesh.

I appliqued everything like the dam, road, windows and doors onto the pattern pieces.

Now for the sandwich. Remember - you have and outside and inside - my picture is of a dolls house I'm currently working on. (forgot to take one of the barn).  I sew the batting onto the mesh and then iron on the fabric pieces.

Now start sewing. It if basically a little house with a lining. I kept the back seam open to turn it inside out.  My barn closes with strips of Velcro that I've sewn onto the front flaps as I find it works better for little hands. I didn't do any top stitching and only ironed on the seams to keep everything flat.

OK, my pic's of the finished product doesn't want to load - I'll do a separate post!  Keep reading.

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