Monday, August 20, 2012

Alternative packaging

Hi there Bloglanders

I had a wonderful weekend and finally stopped crying over the loss of my cat.  It was my birthday and my husband spoiled me with a weekend away. Today have been busy - trying to catch up on work, getting some creative stuff done and  the house and laundry up to date.

I had to deliver a pressie to a little girlfriend and even though I bought a stationary set, I decided to make a pink, flowery, fabric gift bag to go with. Here it is:

Sorry about the quality of my picture but my son borrowed my camera and I had to make do with my mobile phone. I really wanted to share with you before I gave it away.

Since this light depression hit me, I decided that I'll just keep myself busy and creative and things will eventually turn around.  So I've been making lists!

I plan to slipcover my living room furniture (over the years my cat has turned everything into needlepoint);   revamp my bedroom; do curtains for my dining room and kitchen and a blind for my son's flat.  You can watch this space - I have already printed the instructions for the slipcovers and plan to start on it over the coming weekend.  It's on Pinterest and you can find it here.  I'll report back right here if you want to see my progress. 

These are just the big stuff. Of course I've got a long list of smaller projects starting with this jacket that I'll be making this week.

Maybe I'm a bit ambitious but I'll rather aim for the stars - at least I know I'll miss my toes.  That's it from me.  Please check back to see my progress.  Have a great week!


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