Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Make a car out of a carton

Hi there Bloglanders

To all my non-South African followers - I live in a country of extremes.  Yesterday I heard about an eleven year old boy who had to make a car out of a carton.  To me this is straight forward but not to him and his family.  Nobody in his family knows what Google is, they have never worked on a computer (not even at school) and they don't have money to buy glue.

So, yesterday I helped him to make a car out of a carton.  Not that I have the technical know-how but at least I have a computer, glue, carton and know that my friend Google will be able to help.  This is what our effort looks like:
And this is where I got the tutorial. Actually, it is only a box, 4 milk carton lids for wheels, 2 buttons for lights and a bit of effort. Oh!! I forgot to mention the straws for the steering wheel! 
Not much to me and you but to the little boy - he thought it was magic that I actually had all these goodies in my stash.  I really enjoyed helping him and will surely do so again.  Tomorrow I'll get back to my own work and crafts.  Please come back to play.


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