Friday, August 31, 2012

Princess Pancakes

Hallo Bloglanders

I hope you are having a blast of a Friday.  It is pouring wet in Sunny SA and I will have to stay indoors. (Not that I mind).  I got most of my admin done yesterday and will be crafting away once I've shared my princess pancake recipe with you.  I got it from daughter-in-law-to-be and neither she or I claim it as our own BUT I'm sharing it because it's so easy and turns out perfectly every time.

This is what they look like:

Now for the recipe:

Princess pancakes: (makes 6)
1 Egg
1 cup of selfraising flour
1 cup of milk
Mix everything together with a whisk and start baking!
No standing time needed.
If you want a thinner batter, just add an extra dash of milk.

I've also done them in a wheat free version and it works perfectly.  From the wheat free flour, it only makes 4 large pancakes.

And look who came over for a visit:

Have a great weekend and please come back to play.  I'll be back to share my crafting fun with you.

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